The Climate change is a reality that affects us all and is the biggest environmental threat that humanity faces, constant and disproportionate emissions of greenhouse gases (GEF) and abuses of exploitation of natural resources are causing severe climate changes globally.

Jalisco Is among the five most biodiverse states of Mexico and therefore also one of the most vulnerable to climate change. The threats of climate change are broad: impacts to public health, tourism and agricultural sectors, less economic activity, food and water shortages, more intense weather phenomena, displacement of vulnerable populations, species extinction.

What we have done in Jalisco?

Sustainable mobility

We are building the light rail line three that will prevent the emission of 25,031 average tonnes of carbon dioxide a year

-The Program My Bike drives zero-emission mobility intermodal -Mobility, now you can upload your bike to Light Rail and public transportation

-The New vehicle inspection system will reduce automotive emissions. We are implementing a School Mobility Program to reduce greenhouse gases Nature conservation: We have strengthened the system of Protected Natural Areas (PNA) increasing the protected forest sites like Arce and Cerro Viejo-Chupinaya- Los Sabinos surface.

We promoted new ANP as Colomos-La Campana, Barrancas de Santiago and Verde rivers, and Sierra del Cuale.

-Implementation Strategy for the care of forest pests.

-Reforestation Of forests, with an emphasis on impacted by Hurricane Patricia areas.

-Reconversión productive forest plantations in arid areas of Los Altos de Jalisco.

-Implementation Strategy for integrated fire management and mitigate forest fires.

-Implementation Of Emission Reduction Initiative (IRE), through investment plans in coastal watersheds in the state.

Government with low emissions

– Implementation of Carbon Management Plan which involves actions of energy efficiency and renewable energy in public buildings.

-Use Clean energy (solar and wind).

Intersectoral-commission for Action on Climate Change permeating actions to deal with this phenomenon from different approaches. We developed the State Energy Agency to promote the transition to energy generated by clean sources.

Funding for Climate Change

We are developing a State Environmental Fund which will provide resources to finance environmental projects. We finance community projects, organizations, institutions and governments that address climate change.


-Project To promote cleaner production of bricks.

-Program For the certification of companies and sustainable events, with a focus on climate change. Low emissions agriculture We implemented a strategy for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD +) in the Coastal Basins of Jalisco

Installation of biodigesters to harness the methane generated by animal waste, thus reducing the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs). We funded silvopastoral projects to promote sustainable use of forests and curb the change in land use.

We promoted women and youth projects for the sustainable use of timber and non-timber products in order to curb deforestation of forests and jungles.

Planning instruments

-35 Municipalities Climate Action Plans developed and 28 more are under development.

-Production Six Regional Climate Action Plans, unique in its kind nationwide.

We work together with the United Nations Office for Projects and Services (UNOPS), to a water macroplaneación of Green River Basin, considering the variables of climate change.

International platform

-Convention With subnational governments (California, Baden-Württemberg, etc) for international cooperation for the acquisition and implementation of new technologies, public policies, financing mechanisms and economic incentives, among others. The only Mexican state that reports the progress of its commitments on the international platform of The Climate Group.

-We are part of the board of ICLEI Mexico.

-We head the panel The Working Group of the Governors’ Climate and Forests (GCF Task Force), which groups more than 25% of the world’s tropical forests.

-We are part Part of the project of 100 Cities Resilient funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. We are one of the two pioneering states in working with Carbon Trust to develop the program low carbon States

This year we will host the Second Summit of the Americas Climate Change and the annual meeting of the GCF


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