Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Working Group of Governors for Climate and Forests (GCF) will be held in conjunction with the Second Summit of the Americas Climate Change.

This meeting will serve as a platform for creating new partnerships with states and provinces throughout the Americas as well as with the private sector, civil society, indigenous peoples and financial institutions. By joining the annual meeting of the GCF with the Climate Change Summit of the Americas, an important opportunity is created to strengthen subnational leadership and provide greater visibility of the agreements that will face the twenty-second Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, COP 22 , in Morocco.

The Working Group of Governors for Climate and Forests is a unique subnational collaboration between 29 states and provinces in Brazil, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Spain and the United States.

The GCF seeks to advance jurisdictional programs.

1 The declaration commits the states and provinces around the world to reduce forest degradation in their jurisdictions by 80% by 2020 to promote rural development low emission and reducing emissions from deforestation and land use (REDD +) and link these activities with emerging compliance of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and other opportunities for performance pay schemes. More than 25% of the world's tropical forests are found in GCF states and provinces, including more than 75% of the forests in Brazil and more than half of Indonesia.

The GCF includes the states and provinces that are leading the way in building integrated approaches at the level of jurisdiction for the development of low emissions and REDD +, as well as the only jurisdiction in the world (California) who is considering provisions that recognize compensation REDD + as part of their GHG compliance system.


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